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Unlike the Old Time Radio program, this photo lineup has nothing to do with the mean streets and does not include the vagrant, the thief or the criminal.

This lineup has no fakes or fillers…

No, with their backs up against the wall displaying their unique characteristics and features; this photo lineup include your Camelback, Louis XVI and Chesterfield. They look as good today as they did years ago. These sofas and chairs and others like them are much more than a place for us to rest upon, but allow us to express our individual style and good taste.

When it comes to creating your photo lineup for choosing the perfect sofa or chair, what style and features are essential to you?

Boogie's Boutique | Green French Chair

Image Source: Stylemepretty

Boogie's Boutique | Camelback Sofa

Image Source: Fancywindows

Boogie's Boutique | Camelback Sofa

Image Source: Bryan Batt

Boogie's Boutique | Brown Chair

Image Source: Unknown

Boogie's Boutique | Green Chesterfield Sofa

Image Source: Horchow

Boogie's Boutique | White Iron Chair

Image Source: Fairynests