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Boogie's Boutique Portrait

Image Source: Pinterest | Anne Darken

As you walk into an estate sale, garage sale or flea market, you see their ancestral eyes following your every move.  For some patrons, they see these vintage portraits as hideous faces staring directly at them as they leisurely survey the vintage goods.

Boogies Boutique Portrait

When I see these old paintings, I see lovely details and works of art that can become a part of a new story in my home.  I love their powerful appeal and how these stately beauties spread their loveliness into a space.

Portraits can add instant warmth and character to your home’s décor.  With their saturated colors and serious subject matter, portraits can make a statement on an empty wall; and smaller portraits are beautiful together as a gallery art collection.  In unexpected places, such as bathrooms or above a door frame, portraits can make an undistinguished place more dignified.

What do you think?

Do you find vintage portraits, framed and painted in incredible details, beautiful works of art or just incredibly unnerving?

Boogies Boutique Portrait II

Image Source: Sarah Klassen

Boogies Boutique Portrait III

Image Source: Ethnic Cottage

Boogies Boutique Portrait IV

Image Source: Inprobable

Boogies Boutique Portrait V

Image Source: SF Girl by Bay

Boogies Boutique Portrait VI

Image Source: One Kings Lane

Boogies Boutique Portrait VII

Image Source: Kuskovo Mason Interiors


Boogies Boutique Portraits Beautiful or Unnerving