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In the company of…

Long gone is the elegance and decadence of the parlor sitting room in a home where close friends, family or business associates would be entertained.

How would you transform an open space in your home into an intimate gathering to entertain friends and family?

Is it possible to create a room today designed to indulge and delight guests with the popularity of the ‘open floor’ plan; which minimized the use of small, intimate enclosed rooms? I believe so! By adding beautiful elements to your morning room or even your home office, transforming a space in your home into a secret, elegant place for entertaining is conceivable.

Here are a few ideas…

Entertaining with Elegance

Adding silk curtains or sheers to your space for opulence; and plenty of luxurious chairs for sitting is essential for relaxation and conversation…image source: french country cottage

Entertaining with Elegance

Including flower arrangements in vases or urns for warmth and beauty is a must…

Entertaining with Elegance

Entertaining with Elegance

Having readily available, plenty of decorative trays for serving up refreshments and beverages in the most elegant style…

Entertaining with Elegance

Adding a unique light fixture to your room to ensure adequate lighting would be beneficial for both tasks and mood …


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